Copper Care

Over time the copper fairies will take on beautiful green and brown patinas.This lends the fairies a naturally enchanted finish. If you wish to keep your fairies shiny simply clean them with a copper polish. Make sure to rinse and thoroughly dry your fairies after polishing,with a clean dry cloth.

Copper Magic
Copper is used to encourage the cultivation and development of independence, unconditional self love, compassion, optimism, and the ability to see good in all situations. It encourages growth of both the physical and spiritual bodies. The soul is able to thrive and soar free even in the most restrictive of situations. It serves as a vital element enabling the thin sheath between dimensions to lift, allowing us to feel and occasionally catch glimpses of the fairie folk.

Care of Obsidian Windchimes
While obsidian is hard and doesn't break easily, it is not indestructible. Chimes should be hung from a secure hook where they may swing freely in the wind. A location with minimal direct ultraviolet exposure is best.