Dandelion Devas
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Dandelion Deva
Dandelion Star
Worshipping Deva
Pregnant Dandelion Deva

About Dandelion Devas
Dandelion is considered the herb supreme for nourishment of the liver and kidneys. It is a blood cleanser and is high in iron and calcuim. Dandelion is a wonderful digestive bitter, either eaten as greens in a salad or taken as a tincture.

She sits in her garden by candle light,
dancing with the snails and crickets.
The moon and stars
Earth under her feet.
Taking a secret journey Within her soul,
Swaying and rolling her body,
energy surges From her fingers, Her arms
Her back and belly,
Feeling the soft secret kisses of Dandelion, Chickweed
Columbine and calendula
Deep fiery feminine, healing power.
1994 Sarah Magnuson