Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the function of these sculptures?
Fantasy Lane creates copper herb fairies, plant devas and whimsical sprites. They serve as shadow casters for the garden or altar. Each piece holds a standard size birthday candle on the back side. This candle serves as a reminder to make blessings and wishes. When the sculptures are placed between a lit candle and the wall they produce wonderful shadows.
      Where can I get the birthday candles?
They are a standard size birthday candle. You can buy the beeswax type from health food stores. You can also by packages of a dozen from Fantasy Lane for $1.50 + shipping.
      What is the medium used? Are they made of Copper?
Yes. Each sculpture is hand crafted from sheet copper.

      Can these sculptures go outside?
Yes. The function of these scuptures is to be used inside or out. They will not weaken in structure, or crumble apart as a result of being out in the elements. although it is important to take note that these sculptures are made from sheet copper. The nature of copper is to shift and change in color. They will take on greens and brown colors. Beautiful colors!!
      Who makes the Obsidian Windchimes?
*Obsidian Windchimes are made exclusively by my friends and fellow artists, Deborah & Richard Bloom, Portland, Oregon. We have collaborated on the pieces noted and all three of us fully participate in the creation of each one. For more information, please refer to their website

      I see rainbow colors on the wings of the fairies and dragonflies. How is this achieved?
Sarah uses several techniques to color her work. Liver of sulfur is one technique used to bring about the beautiful rainbow effect. She also uses a form of acrylic paint to retain a lasting purple color.