About The Artist

At 13, attempting to meet my father’s challenge to make a headdress of better quality than the one I had asked him to buy for me at the Northern California Renaissance Fair, I was introduced to crafting my own work in metals, glass, paper, leather, and book binding. After turning 18 I moved from Palo Alto, to Humboldt County. I studied for 6 years at Humboldt State University with David LaPlantz. My emphasis was Jewelry and Metal-Smiting. I took summer classes at the Mendocino Art Center, focusing on metal arts, becoming proficient in a variety of metal techniques such as casting, raising, chasing, torch enameling, fold-forming, and stone-setting.

Since 1994, I have been working under the name Fantasy Lane Copper Fairies, designing, creating, and finishing copper sculptures. These sculptures serve as whimsical accents to the home or garden. My work tends to revolve around the theme of nature, plants and the spirit of fairies. Many of the fairies I create are designed to teach their owners about the healing, restorative, and medicinal powers of the herbs after which the fairies wings are shaped. Each fairy is sold with a story book describing the fairy lore as well as the plant after which the wing is shaped. Most of the sculptures are designed to hold a small birthday candle which serves as a reminder to make blessings and wishes. When the sculptures are placed between a lit candle and the wall, they produce wonderful shadows, hence the name “Shadow casters.” Many of the fairies and dragonflies have tiny Eucalyptus pod wind chimes hanging from them. The sound is created by shards of obsidian which are strung on beaded lines of filament. The sound is indeed similar to the music of fairy bells carried in the wind.

Art has always been my passion. I feel that the most important lesson we can learn in this lifetime is to follow our passions. If we are doing what we love than we are truly living. My inspiration comes from being in the Redwoods and on the rugged, desolate beaches of Northern California with my horse Gammaray. This time has allowed me a unique opportunity to discover the cycles of plants and their importance in our lives. The plants are our allies. They are able and willing to nourish our bodies and spirits. I find refuge from the stress and over-stimulation of our culture by allowing the wisdom of both plants and animals to guide me.

My intention is that people will allow the light of the Fairies to touch their souls, and in turn share these lessons with their friends, family and children.

Thank you for visiting my site, I look forward to seeing you at the shows!

Sarah Magnuson
Artist/ Fantasy Lane Copper Fairies