Magic Stones

• Obsidian promotes the ability to amplify and clarify truth; to cut through debris and obstacles. It is a grounding stone.

• Moonstone holds the powers of dreaming, wishing, manifestation, intuition, balance and self love.

• Amethyst holds the powers of stability, contentment , balance and beauty.

• Amber represents the golden sun. Rich with a calm, content, joyful glow.

• Tree Agate holds the power of memory, clarity, vitality, and cleansing of the aura.

• Carnelian stimulates internal awakening, it strengthens love and relationships between parents and children. It is a stone of birth, creativity and spiritual power.

• Pearl is a truly majestic stone, rich with ancient aquatic wisdom

• Magic green bean bead. This bead represents the green seed of life a powerful symbol for commitment and growth.

• Mossy green clay bead. This bead comes from the soil. Clay holds the powers of life, growth, cleansing, and grounded ness.

• Silica beads hold the powers of vision, youthfulness, and health.

• Bloodstone is used for strength, grounding, opening and awakening of the heart

• Rose Quartz holds restorative, cooling energy. It heightens vitality & helps to birth creativity of all forms.

• Malachite evokes powers of earth, heart, and emotional strength.

• Lapis holds the powers of the collective unconscious &spiritual vitality.

Copper Magic
Copper is used to encourage the cultivation and development of independence, unconditional self love, compassion, optimism, and the ability to see good in all situations. It encourages growth of both the physical and spiritual bodies. The soul is able to thrive and soar free even in the most restrictive of situations. It serves as a vital element enabling the thin sheath between dimensions to lift, allowing us to feel and occasionally catch glimpses of the fairie folk.